Partner from university and/or business is looking for the new proposal

Microeconomics Department Chair at Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin

We are looking for European partner from university and/or business sector for proposal from Horizon 2020, MCSA, RISE
The proposal main area is the influence of genoeconomic (genetics and economics) determinants on individual entrepreneurship of the youth (18-24 y.o.). The specific research area is expected in finding relation between requested by labour market young persons’ competences and genotype of human in field of individual entrepreneurship. Base on the research outcomes several propositions to schools and universities programmes can be created, recommendations for policies, for individual person, ect.
The partner have to declare mobility of staff as it is written in the proposal rules.
The partner is requested to briefly answer following 2 questions:
1. What input to the proposal can be given?
2. Which area of research can be covered by partner?
Academic partners could be from economics – especially we need a partner dealing with experimental economics, management or biology (genetics) field.
Business partner could be from labour market organizations, economics analysis, genetics research.

If you see yourself in the proposal team do not hesitate to send your answers at: