Opportunities for collaboration

ArchEnerg Cluster
Renewable energy and building
Four of our ongoing projects provide opportunities for collaboration:

- sustainable building development, namely industrial hemp and similar renewable construction material;
- Smart infrastructure solutions;
- Biochar as alternative energy; and
- Water reinjection technologies;

Hemp Brick Construction
We have submitted an EU H2020 application to finance further development of industrial hemp utilization for sustainable buildings. This was a phase one submission in collaboration with a Spanish firm and will fund the finalization of a feasibility study and business plan so we can proceed with project implementation and resource development at a much larger scale. This will require additional funding and an expansion of our consortium - collaboration network. We are seeking partners who are equally interested in hemp brick development with whom we can share future prospects in this trade.

Smart Infrastructure Solutions
ArchEnerg is working in collaboration with the University of Szeged on a Smart City concept that can be implemented into municipal development in the near future. Our infrastructural design aims to encompass the following categories:
- smart environment - smart mobility - smart economy - smart governance
This large scale project generation will enhance quality and performance of urban services, reduce costs and resource consumption, and improve active engagement between municipalities like Szeged and its citizens.
Its success can elevate our city and its developers as model contributors of better life quality and sustainable development. We are firm believers that such integration will provide not only social and environmental but financial benefits, so we hope to find like-minded partners to come on board.

Biocarbon as alternative energy
Biocarbon can mitigate climate change via carbon sequestration and it is known to improve soil fertility.
However it may also be used for energy production. As bio-gas, it can fuel furnaces, heaters, and boilers. Along with being a cleaner substitute of coal, the conversion process applied to biomass to make bio-fuel is regarded as a cost-effective disposal solution, namely the reuse of energy.
ArchEnerg already has partners working in this field but the further development of biochar/bio-fuel requires additional collaboration, providing opportunities to work with us.

Water reinjection technologies
Water reinjection essentially aids aquifer storage and recovery.
ArchEnerg is aiming to further develop currently used water reinjection technology, making it more efficient and cost-effective.
Research focuses on layers into which it is difficult to reinject water; one of the unresolved problems - filtering technology of the water to be reinjected.
Currently, primary research activity is the laboratory examination of the water to be reinjected, which covers both mechanical and biological factors. Concentration of the substances present in thermal water, the types of substances and the rate of their composition is being examined.
Analysing small-sized particles in the water enables the implementation of the appropriate filtering system and the design and establishment of the appropriate filtering technology.
Related monitoring technology is required to assist in the cost-effective maintenance of reinjection wells.
Drops in water layers in the Carpathian basin makes this region especially susceptible to water shortages. This geological challenge calls for a need to improve aquifer recovery technologies. Successful research will not only ease regional water demands, but may provide effective solutions for other parts of the world.