Looking for opportunity to join the consortium COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-04-02-1

Małgorzata Gawęcka

The Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Ltd. (RCITT) serves the function of the coordinating entity for the Świętokrzysko-Podkarpacki Energy Cluster. The objective of the Center is to support local entrepreneurship and stimulate the development of the Świętokrzyskie region by means of scientific achievements’ transfer, implementation of ISO quality systems or organizing trade fairs and conferences. The actions undertaken are geared towards increasing awareness of energy issues among local governments, research institutes, entrepreneurs, inhabitants and highlighting the need to employ energy-efficient technologies. The cluster was launched in order to boost trans-regional cooperation within the broad scope of renewable energy. The cluster focuses, in particular, on promoting, implementing and popularizing the objectives of the new EU energy policy at local, regional and trans-regional levels. Cluster members include local government units, enterprises as well as institutes of higher learning and business support institutions from eastern Poland.

Cluster competencies: creating networks of cooperation between university representatives, business support institutions, administration and entrepreneurs from the renewable energy industry, developing joint products based on innovative solutions devised thanks to contribution from R&D units from partner universities, developing innovative products and solutions, supporting activities associated with sustainable use of renewable energy sources in light of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship potential, stimulating the development of new technologies as well as analytical and research facilities.

In addition, RCITT is the coordinator of the Świętokrzyskie Health Restort Cluster. Cluster members are entrepreneurs, research institutions, business environment institutions, local government units, cultural institutions, foundations, entities engaged in the development and promotion of health-related tourism. Cluster's mission is to build a platform for cooperation in the field of health tourism widely understood, in particular: promotion, implementation and dissemination at the local, regional objectives of the Swietokrzyskie Regional Innovation Strategy and the Strategy of Europe 2020 objective of the Cluster is to create a platform for cooperation for its members in order to implement common projects.

RCITT also initiated the creation of the Central ICT Cluster. A cluster is a group of companies, institutions, organizations, affiliated of sector and geographically, competing and cooperating with each other for the good of all its members and clients. The mission of the cluster is to bring together experts from different fields of ICT, who can effectively meet most of the needs of what defines us market.
If you are interested in our participation in this project, please contact me: Malgorzata Gawecka, gawecka@it.kielce.pl

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