Looking for a partner - poultry or livestock farm (Dairy farming) in Europe - to participate in the call Horizon 2020

Dmitry Petryaev
Head of International Department

Russian innovative company ", author and owner of the"Llow-temperature pyrolysis ", looking for a partner - poultry or livestock farm (Dairy farming) in Europe - to participate in the call Horizon 2020, SC5-20-2015: Boosting the potential of small businesses for eco-innovation and a sustainable supply of raw materials,

The project "A waste of a poultry and a livestock farms - to generate efficient and clean energy".

This project proposes an innovative solution for the disposal of livestock and poultry waste by thermochemical conversion of organic waste into electricity and heat using the developed vortex gas generator. The project focuses on the development of circular economy in sync with the environment. Implementation of energy efficiency and environmental technologies will not only dispose of waste from agriculture, but also to create useful byproducts. In addition, the introduction of technology will solve the problem of water and wastewater treatment that exist today in agriculture. The proposed in the project the innovative technology is fully consistent with COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 592/2014 of 3 June 2014 amending Regulation (EU) No 142/2011 as regards the use of animal by-products and derived products as a fuel in combustion plants.

The project coordinator and the project team has already been formed. Implementation of the technology will be made simultaneously in Russia and in Europe. The object to the introduction of technology in Europe (poultry farm, cattle farm) can become a demonstration area of innovation and technology to participate in the subsequent commercialization of the project.

If you'r interested in pls send your exression of interest directly to my Client, her contact below, but pls keep me CC in 1st correspondence!

Contact person: Gurina Larisa

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Post address:
620083, Ekaterinburg,
Posadskaya st., 45, of. 11
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