The Importance of Agriculture For the Economy and The Specific Features of Mediterranean Agriculture

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

Most countries have an economy that is dependent on agriculture – either in a small or big way. From employment generation to contribution to National Income, agriculture is important. In 2010, around 25 million persons were regularly engaged in agricultural work in the European Union. 58% men were working on full time in farms.

2013 saw 77% of the total men were working full time. In case of contribution towards National Income, agriculture contributes more than 50% in developing countries and normally a smaller percentage in developed countries.

Agriculture as a concept has grown as well. A decade or two back, it was associated solely with the production of basic crops. Modern agriculture includes forestry, bee keeping, fruit cultivation, poultry, and even dairy farming. Webster’s Dictionary says, “agriculture is the art or science of production of crops and livestock on farm.”

Agriculture is the backbone of Economic System of a Given Country

Increasing population means that there has to be an increased focus the primary sector. World Bank Report states that three out of four people in developing countries live in rural areas and earn as less as $2 a day. European Countries do not face a similar problem but innovation in agriculture remains a must. This ensures that the country can focus more on developing the economy.

Features of Mediterranean Agriculture

Mediterranean agriculture is well known. From food crops production to cultivation of planted crops like olives, figs, and dates to farming of fruits and vegetables, Mediterranean agriculture has it all.

Wheat is the most important crop grown in this region. Subsistence and cash crops farming is undertaken with extensive and intensive production. The two most important cash crops are olives and grapes, the major source of income through exports. Two-thirds of the world’s wine is produced in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

MED works for improving agricultural production with modern means of tools and technology.

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