New Gluten World cuts a slice of the gluten-free market

With their groundbreaking technology, New Gluten World aims to make wheat flour accessible to celiac, intolerant or gluten-sensitive patients - all this with a safe and natural process that doesn't harm the environment. 

With more than 30% of Europeans suffering from sensitivity to gluten, the market of gluten-free products has boomed. But the taste and texture of gluten-free products are not quite the same. New Gluten World aims to make wheat flour accessible to celiac, intolerant or gluten-sensitive patients. Rather than removing the gluten from the flour, their ground-breaking technology removes toxic allergens from the gluten contained in the flour. In this way, the flour maintains all its mechanical, nutritional and sensorial properties. This is done with a natural and safe physic-chemical process that comes at a zero environmental impact, easy and cost-effective industrialization, with no use of enzymes or chemicals.

New Gluten World is a spinoff of the University of Foggia, Molino Casillo SpA, a world leader in the transformation of grain and Carmen Lamacchia, CEO and lead researcher of the company.

The company received a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 grant in 2016.

"We were flying a small airplane, and the SME instrument turned it into a space rocket! " said  Carmen Lamacchia."Thanks to the EU funding, New Gluten World experienced a steep acceleration. Our dream of a fully operational lab to detoxify gluten in wheat kernels became a reality. We could begin clinical validation of our scientific discovery. We hired talented staff, developed a prototype oven, and brought in experts in the legal, financial, and communication field. In short, we jumped three years ahead in our goal of placing Gluten Friendly™ products in the global market".

The company has won several awards:
June 2015 – first place at NutriAwards of Lille (France) as the best innovative process
September 2015 – winner of the category Agrifood Cleantech, Start Cup Puglia 2015
December 2015 – winner of the PNI and the Life Science category
September 2016 – winner of the “prize of prizes” within the National Innovation Day organized by COTEC Foundation at the Quirinale