Looking for a partner to participate in the call H2020: BES & FCT

Farhad Ashimov
General Director // "Fundamental Systems of Analysis

Looking for a partner to participate in the call H2020: BES & FCT.
Russian innovative company (ICT) "Fundamental Systems of Analysis" looking for a partner in Europe to participate in the call H2020:
BES-05-2015: Border crossing points topic 1: Novel mobility concepts for land border security
BES-06-2015: Border crossing points topic 2: Exploring new modalities in biometric-based border checks
BES-08-2015: Supply Chain Security topic 1: Development of an enhanced non-intrusive (stand-off) scanner
FCT-02-2015: Forensic topic 2: Advanced easy to use in-situ forensic tools at the scene of crime
FCT-03-2015: Forensics topic 3: Mobile, remotely controlled technologies to examine a crime scene in case of an accident or a terrorist attack involving CBRNE materials

As a partner of the project, we are ready to offer our experience in the development of specialized software and applications for three-dimensional modeling, analysis of incidents, virtual training and education, as well as applications based on technologies Intel® RealSense ™ (3D camera, active 3D scanning), related control of borders and control of transit flows of people, goods, including:
- faces and expressions recognizing;
- detecting track's object (eg. cars, car plates, people);
- 3D scanning of objects, apartments;
- and also overlay 3D information on top of the images (using Augmented Reality).
Also we are ready to make any contribution in project implementation from our expertise.

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